A new word to explain how IoT is changing the world: Thingalytics!

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Is this yet another buzzword on the Internet Of Tings business? Or it may be the case that we need new words to define something  which is changing the world at a pace and is overcoming the  technical revolutions which most of us witnessed in our lives?

TalenTour and PLAT.ONE
Marcello Morchio, Giorgio Murroni, Giancarlo Gaimari

We recently met with Giorgio Murroni, business developer at PLAT.ONE, during a pleasant aperitivo in the Ancient Port of Genova.  The company’s story is a n example of  technical excellence, built on decades of experience in software development and system integration to satisfy different customer needs,  and business acumen to identify a common need in a booming market and starting up a dedicated company  to hit the bigger target of the global market.


PLAT.ONE has headquarters in Palo Alto, California, with a strong team of developers based in Genova, in the beautiful Pontetto sea-cliff, where the mother company ABO DATA built the 35 years of experience in serving customers with ICT solutions.

The flagship product is a robust IoT platform used by large industrial customers to manage over 1 million sensors on fixed and mobile assets globally.  The target is to speed up the set up of the IoT infrastructutre and mission critical solutions requred to transform the rivers of information flowing from the network into value for their customers. The claim is to be the only complete enterprise grade IoT platform.

This looks convincing, as the  the   industry visionary and veteran, Dr. John Bates has recently been appointed  as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He is the inventor of the terms Thingalytics and Thinganomics  to describe how connectivity of things can be tightly bound to analytics and knowledge of specific businesses to transform data into growing value. He is also the author of the book where those concepts are are explained through many industry specific use cases.

This is one of the reasons why the  Internet of Things and Data Analytics are so interesting to us in TalenTour:  because we believe in the need of networking different competencies to enable the personal and business growth.

Marcello Morchio

As a bonus, here is a further video with the description of an application built on top of PLAT.ONE. You may remember about the speaker in an TalenTour post few months ago.


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