Federico Gobbi (Mind The Bridge) and TalenTour

Bridge The Talent!

We made a wish for the new year: to get in touch with a global organization empowering true open innovation and education for smart people, startups and  enterprises.

Well looks like the wish came true just before the end of 2016! so what will be our wish for 2017?

Mind The Bridge - TalenTourAfter a very interesting MeetHub at the Social Hub Genova, we had the pleasure for sharing a Pint Of Talent with Federico Gobbi, program manager of the Startup School at Mind The Bridge.

Federico Gobbi
Federico Gobbi

Mind The Bridge is based in San Francisco, with a team spread across many countries with strong roots in Italy and in Genova. It was born as a non-profit initiative bridging the young Italian startup ecosystem to Silicon Valley, and evolved in less than 10 years in a global organization with education and open innovation programs for startups, enterprises and investors. The initial connection from Italy to SV is now a strong bridge from Europe to US, as Mind the Bridge has been selected by the European Commission to lead Startup Europe Partnership.

Mind The Bridge TalenTour Federico Gobbi
Pier Luigi and Marcello (TalenTour) Federico (Mind The Bridge), Giancarlo (TalenTour)

In our chat we had the opportunity to share visions and opinions, to learn about Federico’s job at MTB and to get some valuable insights about how innovation works   between US and the European Union and the dynamics between startups and corporations.

One among all: nurturing startups is wise and good. But the engine of innovation runs full speed where corporations are geared up to perform acquisitions and have them working. This is the key of Mind The Bridge action, from the Startup School to the Corporate scouting and education programs.

So guess what will be our wish for 2017?

Let’s make a difference in our innovation ecosystem!







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