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On June the 24th and 25th Genova became the capital of the indipendent games industry, with an event which is at its third edition and is growing in size and quality year over year: Game Happens!


One of the new facts in the 2016 edition was the introduction of a Business to Business touch, and TalenTour  proudly supported this approach. Gaming industry is a new topic for us, but as in any other business companies in the games field can gain a lot by meeting each other and by showing themeselves to an audience of professionals, either young developing talents or experienced users, or possible partners.

The format of the event, showcasing many game projects in the exbition area was good to promote the relationships. We added a spark of thrill by giving to five teams a space for pitching, with a jury of experts available to provide feedback and improve their ability to reach the target of raising funds.

Pitch Meeting Anxiety: China as a Cure

Public speaking, structured thinking, clarity of messages are not obvious skills, and this is why we added in the first day of the event a small session focused to the art of pitching run by Manuela Pignatelli,  a student from The University of Genova, enthusiastic about innovation, with international experience and cooperating with TalenTour and TEDx. She perfectly made the point by running her session adding the touch of oriental wisdom which differentiated her talk from the hundreds of similar speeches you may have listened on the subject.


Pitch-n-Coffee jury team on stage!

Five international teams presenting five projects, five minutes of time for each pitch, in front of a small inter-disciplinary jury and the Game Happens! audience in the Salone delle Feste. It was not a contest: all presenters benefited from the feedback received by the jury and the audience, following the pitch.

Here is the list of the teams and their countries:

Incredible Water Ukraine
Circo Italy
DinoSystem Italy
Ancora Qui Italy
Bet for Europe Turkey


The main topic of the session was… variety! None of the teams and products were similar to each other.

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Incredible Water

Yarky Studio is a software house in Ukraine developing education games for IOS and Android. The product they are pitching for now is “Incredible Water“, a puzzle game aimed to teach the adventures of  what looks like the simpler of the characters: a tiny drop of water. But while playing the game you discover how powerful a drop of water can be, how many things it can do (can you guess how a drop of water can set fire? No?) and in the same time how fragile is to pollution and scarcity. The presentation of Yana Palamarenko described all of this, and gave clear indication of the development stage, the needs of the team for progressing the development and their targets as a company. Very well done! Nobody could believe it was her first pitch in front of a jury!

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Circo Game

Next on stage, Simone Tranchina with the Circo Game project. The game is on the word of circus with all its charm and complexity, as the authors say “suspended between absurd and alchemy”. Special care is given to the design of the lead and of the environments, the story starts in front of a big top and it is all to discover. A lot of work to be done yet, but a very promising start.

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Dynosystem pitch was given by Daniele Ferraro, from Capri: science enthusiast and big fan of games with sandbox, simulation and survival elements, which is the core of his current project, where dinosaurs evolution is mixed with the presence of humans in a true open environment. Daniele is expert in sandbox games, as experienced modder of  Skyrim (author of  “STEP – Skyrim Total Enhancement Project”) and he decided to dive into the new Dynosystem project because no commercial game is really matching his open world concept.

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Ancora Qui

Here come the turn of Carmen Mutti, an energetic girl who presented “Ancora Qui”, a game born as the thesis of team of Digital Animation students, and evolved in a full first person game on the critical subject of bullying at school. The core values of the product are storytelling and design,  and gives to the player the unusual possibility to live the same event from the perspective of six  characters, coming to discover what is happened in reality and why.

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Bet for Europe

Final pitch by Tugba Cansali, from Turkey, who showed us “Bet For Europe”, the only game in the session which is based on real social interaction between players! On a cardboard platform, the players come to discover Europe and the opportunities available of students from inside and outside EU. Tugba runs the game in school classrooms and in the days of Brexit it was refreshing to see such an enthusiasm for Eropean beauties and the possibilities!

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