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GE2021 and TalenTour explore Augmented Reality

Genova 2021 TalenTour

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TalenTour and the Association Genova 2021 recently organized a Pint of Talent involving Telecom Italia |TIM, which is extending its portfolio of

high added value services, and ETT, a SME in Genoa very expert in the User Experience area.

The following people attended the event, held at ETT headquarters in Genoa ETT: Marco Briasco (responsible for Strategic Public – Sales North West – BusinessTelecom Italia), Matteo Aragon (Project Coordinator in Genova 2021), Ugo Galassi (Marketing in ETT) andRaffaele Maurici (Strategy & Communication in ETT).

The theme discussed during the meeting was theAugmented Reality (AR), a technology increasingly used every day across devices and applications that enrich the human sensory perception through information (used, for example, in tourism or in remote robotic surgery arenas).

From the point of view of the market, it is expected that the next three years this new mode of interaction will have an exponential growth, driven primarily by the affirmation of smartphones. Over time, from stand-alone technology AR will be increasingly integrated into other forms of communication, gaming, social media and mass media, and will enable new services in very different areas: marketing, publishing, maintenance.

Telecom Italia TIM

Even the big players continue to innovate in this field. For instance Telecom Italia | TIM is focusing on different AR techniques: Geo Location Layer, Image Recognition & Tracking, Cloud Image Analysis.

Following this strategy the company has created the platform named ARTES (Augmented Reality TelcoEnablers & Services) to support applications and services using the AR paradigm inside and outside.

This platform has been designed as a modular solution to ensure maximum flexibility for expansion and for functionality integration.

Piattaforma ARTES Telecom Italia
Piattaforma ARTES Telecom Italia

Among the most recent AR applications developed by Telecom Italia | TIM it is worth mentioning the one used to scan the rooms in the apartments of the Villa Reale in Monza, capable to display furniture and 3D animations via smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. The company is looking for potential partners in Liguria with the aim to develop the platform ARTES for more customers and projects. In particular Telecom Italia | TIM opened a work table, coordinated by Antonio Mustaro (Business Development and Partnerships Manager – Project Expoin Telecom Italia), in collaboration with Genoa 2021 to give the opportunity to small enterprises to develop a joint project.

logo-ett-spaThe meeting ended with a visit to the Demo Room, where we had the opportunity to experience the end-user applications developed by  ETT in the field of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, using different devices such as tablets, viewers for AR and VR immersive experience and the most innovative and compact Skeleton Tracking interfaces for the interaction with gesture.

TalenTour and GE2021 have created a very significant opportunity in Genoa area and we will follow the progress of this with dedicated events.

Giancarlo Gaimari


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