LuBeC 2015

Versione Italiana

LuBeC 2015 was the first events where TalentTour succesfully experienced the Special Envoys formula and, of course, we go now to introduce

MarcoTedeschi Marco Tedeschi has a degree in electronic engineering. After many years of experience as an employee in the ICT sector, he founded his company, SmartEden , with the mission of innovate by smart technology and effective management
Marco Gandino Marco Gandino has a degree in Philosophy Aesthetics. He has curated several exhibitions of emerging artists from Cuneo and its province and takes care of historical reconstruction within the associations Terra Taurina and La-Storia

And now a short summary from our envoys.

Marco & Marco: two different starting points but a common goal, to innovate through the encounter between the world of culture and of the digital one. So where better to confront than at Lubec?
Since from the opening conference were identified the key themes of the event: digital technologies are fundamental to allow an easy access to culture.

This innovation, however, must be done in a sustainable way, avoiding rushing in an effort to catch up the technological gap caused by a self-centered culture sector and by a resistance/distrust towards innovation. It is therefore crucial to overcome the nationalistic closures of cultural heritage in favor of an international vision, for example by focusing on crowdsourcing and internationalization of research.

The integration of new communication technologies (workshops “ICT, ENTERTAINMENT E CONOSCENZA: ECCO COME DIVULGARE LA CULTURA”) within cultural tourism will bring that flavour of excitement and fun which will allow an easier relaunch of cultural tourism.
There are already several applications and examples of the use of these technologies, among which audio guides and interactive techniques of augmented reality. In particular augmented reality, taking advantage of the possibility of location (GPS or beacons), allows to meet Avatar of characters from the past or to show the original settings.

Audience development is another aspect of the encounter between technology and culture (Workshop “TECHNO SCIENCE E PATRIMONIO CULTURALE: L’INCONTRO DEI SAPERI PER LO SVILUPPO DELL’AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT”). which will allow the economic sustainability of the cultural sector. To succeed in it, it is important the involvement of more difficult public.

Other issues to be kept in mind are the simplification of the language and the size of the game, for this purpose it can also be useful the use of hypertext.e, instead of the classic text,

In short, digital isn’t the future, but it is the present of cultural innovation !!

From LuBeC that’s all!! So many thanks to our special envoys : Marco Tedeschi & Marco Gandino

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