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Meet Böning: the nervous system of the Super Yachts

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At the Genoa Boat Show 2015 we had the opportunity to meet a friend who recently joined the German company who leads the market of  control systems for Super Yachts and many other kind of vessels.


Giorgio Delucchi is part of the Italian team of Böning, with a small office in Lavagna and big projects ongoing in the main shipyards in Liguria and Tuscany. They provide the “senses” needed by the commanders of multi millions dollars boats: every sensor, actuator, camera, and navigation system shall be readily, easily and effectively available on the fingertips of the capitain with the top of quality, as can be  expected in such a luxury vessel.

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The extreme quality  is connected to innovative solutions, optimizing the complex process to provide effective systems integration to the shipbuilders. The challange is to define the requirements, prototype the system and start developing and testing on real hardware before even delivering the first piece to the yard: at the boot Boat Show Marinko Vukancic, Head of Sales of Böning, proudly shows us the  system they use and we actually start playing with a real configurable ship control system located in the German labs.

Marinko and Giorgio shared with me a bit of their talent… and a pint of their beer.


In preparation of further activities we are thinking of with Böning, Giorgio have been so kind to record a short interview to explain what they do and what opportunities might come from their field for Liguria and Italy. 

TalenTour will be happy to follow up the topic of Yach Building in the near future! What about you? If you are interested as well let us know by commenting this article or on our facebook page!

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