A “Pint of Data” with Rulex and Camelot

In a extraordinary warm evening of november we had the pleasure to share an appetizer with a team of smart ladies and guys working in two young companies who are betting on turning the data analysis technology from excellent research to profitable business.

Pint of Data
From left: Matteo Santoro (Camelot CEO), Marcello Morchio and Giancarlo Gaimari (TalenTour co-founders), Sofia Mosci (Camelot Marketing Manager), Andrea Ridi (Rulex CEO), Clio Caminati (Social Media Manager Rulex), Stefano Pedroni and Massimiliano Costacurta (Rulex)

Making right decisions has a lot to do with having the right information and making the best use of it: this second part is specially critical because large amount of data requires synthesis and analysis,  and good use of data can make a world of difference, in winning a business or saving a life.

Both Rulex and Camelot are rooted in the excellence of reserach on machine learning, from CNR and IIT.  Rulex is product oriented, selling Rulex the highly configurable zero-code advanced analytics platform, the solution to provide a no-stress access to the data-driven decision making. Camelot is service oriented, owning a set of algorithms to be integrated in the decision making process of their customers.

Their cultural challange now is to teach us to improve the quality of our decision making tools.

For us cooperating with Rulex and Camelot hits the double target of increasing the awareness on innovative technology, which can be a trigger for growth of  students and experts, and to support the excellence of local research and entrepreneurship, because Genova has all the opportunity to be acknowledged as a center of excellence on the machine learning and analytics field.

Many ideas popped up in our meeting: from the organization of visits to the protagonists in the field, to more ambitious projects for learning and challenging on this topics, involving also other players and research institutions.

So stay tuned on TalenTour, and if you like the idea and you’d like to be part of the upcoming events, leave your comment here and share this article with your network!


Rulex Logo

Rulex technology was born in Italy in 2007, as the result of a mix of lateral thinking attitude, extraordinary scientific competences and industrial experience.  Since 2014, Rulex. Inc is headquartered in Boston, MA.


Founded in 2009, initially focused on  the medical imaging sector, CAMELOT is now expanding its target market at  international level and  exploring new industries where its core competencies represent a competitive advantage.


Cover picture by Emanuela Meme Giudici, “tramonto
Licence Creative Commons Attribution

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