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Tuesday, October 27, it took place the first of the visits organized by TalentTour fot the Scienza Festival in Genoca:
Festival della Scienza

ETT staff welcomed us in the beautiful hall of Villa Fieschi in Sestri Ponente (Genoa) to take us on a wonderful journey through a century of industrial innovation in our city.

One hundred years ago, at the beginning of the Great War, Ansaldo Aeronautical Establishment was in this area of Genoa and here theshipwrights and carpenters of the navy built the first airplanes, made of wood and canvas as boats

A F1_aereiAfter the war, the factory was converted. It was the era of the great ocean liners and workers adapted their skills to a new production,building furniture and decorations for the big ships.
The shipbuilding industry was changing: the hulls were made of metal; the German and the English workers were much more competent of these new technologies.

But in the thirties, in the Ansaldo Shipyards, the gap in knowledge and technique had already been filled.
The Rex, the most innovative ship in that time, was born few hundred meters from Villa Fieschi.
The fluid dynamics of trout was studied to design the keel. It was the first big ship with air conditioning on board. This and other dozens ofinnovations made the Rex the most futuristic ship for its time.
The Rex was the most innovative ship, but also the fastest one. It broke the record in transatlantic crossing and grabbed the blue ribbon to the Germans. In a few years, Genoese workers achieved excellence in design and manufacture

A F2_RexThe time journey comes to the present. Even today (as yesterday) every innovation, even the most technological one, brings with itself achange and a community transformation, as the multidisciplinary team of ETT, a company founded in 2000 in Sestri Ponente.
In recent years this reality has grown and has been able to transform, holding together different techniques and knowledge and finding a balance between what they can do and what they dream to be able to do.

Today ETT is a leader in the Digital Heritage arena and provides high technology services and systems to the market both in Italy and abroad.


During the visit ETT staff showed, for example, how Italian cultural heritage can be promoted, turning a simple visit to a museum in an authentic multi-sensory experience.
The participants had the opportunity to see innovative products designed for museums and exhibitions

But ETT is very active also in Smart Tourism and Smart Interactive Learning areas, designing applications based on modern technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).
Then during the visit everyone was able to enjoy immersive experiences using devices or wearing 3D viewers such as Google Glass, andSamsung Gear Oculus Rift VR.

The tour lasted about two hours and was really a success.
Let us quote some significant moments, hoping to receive you as our guests very soon


Giancarlo Gaimari

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