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On Tuesday, October 27th, the first of the visits organized by TalentTour for the Scienza Festival in Genoa took place:
Festival della Scienza

davidWe were welcomed by David Corsini, founder of Telerobot Labs, who once again succeeded, with his passion for his work , in holding the attention of the 18 participants to the tour for 90 minutes straight .

The main topic of this visit was robotics applied to the biomedical field for diagnostic , surgical and rehabilitation.

First David explained that the robot should not be seen only as the humanoid of the popular imagination, but rather as a machine to support human activities to ensure greater accuracy and to reduce the risk of errors. He then outlined the issues and challenges that are faced with an eye to the future, clarifying the importance of close cooperation between industry and research. There should be no competition, but cooperation

tlrbtlbs2We had a chance to see in action a robot that is able to repeat with the highest precision the movements of the good arm and, using the mechanism of mirror neurons (here an interview with prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti who discovered mirror neurons), It is used for rehabilitation.

Then David showed us with pride FEX (Fingers Extending eXoskeleton), fexan exoskeleton glove developed by Telerobots Labs for hand rehabilitation in stroke patients. Now they are working on a new release to make its aid adaptive to the response of the patient’s muscles and nerves.

He then talked about the method used by Telerobot Lab to propose and to produce optimal solutions, every customer has a problem and its solution must be customized.

In short, 90 minutes of lively debate with several interesting questions from a passionate and curious audience, which ended with a toast and a piece of focaccia !!

Thanks David!!

Luca Magnanelli


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