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Security Summit Appetizer at the Port

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Liguria is a region with many excellences, but maybe not everybody kows about the excellence in the security area. This is specially interesting considering the mutiple aspects of the security field from cyber security, that is one of the biggest challanges in the technology arena, to the security in trading and shipping, driven by the needs of an important commercial port, to the personal and community security, so fundamental that is often given for granted.

We had the chance to have an apetizer on this wide subject meeting Maurizio Aiello, Carlo Silva and Mauro Giacobbe in a Pint of Talent.

Security Apetizer TalenTour
Left to right: Maurizio Aiello, Mauro Giacobbe, Marcello Morchio, Giancarlo Gaimari and Carlo Silva

Having Maurizio Aiello at the table actually is sort of receiving four of a kind in a hand of poker. He wears four hats in the security business, as researcher in the CNR, National Research Council, even if he prefers the term “Technologist” as involved in practical application of network security, as a businessman in high-tech ad founder of the company Cleis Security, as an european delegate, as he is the Italian representative for the Secure Society commitee in the Horizon 2020 development Project of the European Commission and last but not least as president of the Siit, technological district for intelligent systems operating in Genova and Liguria.

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Maurizio in his many roles is engaged in developing the security opportunities for Liguria and Italy, supporting the companies involved in the area and strictly cooperating with the government to define the security agenda in the technology and research.

Mauro Giacobbe is Vice President Marketing Homeland Security at Selex ES, the Finmeccanica Company that does not need much presentation. Born from the convergence of so many private and public industrial experiences, Selex ES is now an international player in the security area in many aspects. Mauro described us some Selex products relevant to vessel and traffic control and  applications for port management and security. This is specially interesting for the Genoa area and our shipping and naval vocation, and it as actually applied in the Genoa “Capitaneria di Porto” as in many other port authorities in Italy and abroad. Also for Selex ES physical and cyber security are getting more and more connected together, as everything happening in the physiscal world has so many connections and effects in the cyber space and in the telecommunications.


Then comes Carlo Silva, fonder and CEO of Clickutility Team, a company targeted to the organization and management of national and international events, with the target of creating opportunities for growing the business of  the region with its companies, addressing veritcal segments with high-quality events.


The agenda of Clickutility Team is very interesting, as their summer will be busy in preparing international events for the autumn. One specially will be very important for Genova and will come in september 2015: the Genoa Shipping Week. The conference will bring together international actors in the shipping field, with  many tracks, as the Port&Shipping Tech,  and the MED Security Summit, which brings us back to the main topic of the meeting!


Panorama_di_Genova_(porto_commerciale_e_porto_antico)So thank you again to our guests! In a short time we really had an appetizer of the main course of all opportunities growing in the security area, very promising field for development of local business and why not, for upcoming TalenTour visits!

Marcello Morchio


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Panorama di Genova (porto commerciale e porto antico)” by OliverOwn work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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