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Neuron Guard – fermare il tempo per salvare vite

Ogni sette secondi nel mondo una persona viene colpita da un grave danno cerebrale. Salvare quelle vite è la missione di una startup basata a Modena che sta già facendosi conoscere in giro per il mondo: Neuron Guard.

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Learning Lean Tools

Lean principles and Agile methodologies applied to software development are not just fluffy and  fashion: they are a set of operational and organizational tools for the  software industry. As every tool you can make good or bad use of it, for sure it is worth learning something on it to avoid myths and make informed decisions.

In the last month we have been involved in two events about Agile software development:

  • CTI Liguria (Club delle Tecnologie dell’Informazione) held a workshop on Agile contracts in Genova, on November the 17th. I had the pleasure of being involved as a speker, among others experienced professionals who have practical experience in the software development industry.
  • Felice De Robertis, who already told us his story in Agile coaching in TomTom in Berlin,  have been invited speaker at the IAD (Italian Agile Days) in Brescia, on  November the 6th and 7th, to tell his experience on highly scaled Agile implementations.

Agile events

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