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Open YARP Workshop – July 15th 2016

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YARP (Yet Another Robot Platform) is the software that represents the nervous system of the IIT humanoid robots, from iCub, the robot platform spread over many research centers in the world, up to the most recent R1. With 10 years of development  behind it, YARP is launched as a highly reliable and first-class Open Source platform in comparison to other standards:  being a light, multiplatform and multiprotocol platform, it works on board the robots, on server, not to mention Android smartphone.yarp trasp

On July 15th, 2016 IIT and TalenTour offered an introductory workshop for software specialists, manager and entrepreneurs wishing to share the news about platform development. The platform stemmed from robotics, but it is ready for a wider use just at the time of most thriving hype applications on InternetOfThings. This took place just a few days before the official launch of the new R1 robot, the first humanoid robot, which was proposed as a commercial product for household applications.

TalenTour YARP Workshop team
TalenTour YARP Workshop team

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