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H-Maps – Lungo il percorso del piano di sviluppo

Con H-Maps una sessione di approfondimento sul business model: il terzo matching di Smart Cup Liguria 2016

Genova, 13 Febbraio  – ecco il terzo della serie dei Talent Matching del premio TalenTour per le startup  di SmartCup Liguria . Questo e’ stato il turno di H-Maps – la start-up che si occupa dell’applicazione digitale di supporto ai pazienti durante gli iter terapeutici (qui il post relativo al Pint Of Talent relativo). Con Laura Rossi, Barbara Canesi e Stefania Scopelliti, abbiamo incontrato Sergio Paddeu, Ph.D. (Grant Programs Manager presso ESAOTE S.p.A, con esperienza nel settore biomedicale) che ha ricoperto il ruolo di advisor.

Barbara Canesi (Nextage) Sergio Paddeu (Esaote) Laura Rossi (H-Maps) Stefania Scopelliti (Nextage)

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ETT – An immersive visit in Talent and Passion

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TalenTour met ETT in two fully booked visits on the 18th and 19th of May, in conjunction with the event OCEANS15 held in Genova in the same week.


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30+ visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves  in the universe of new media, meeting a company which is evolving from a software house for smart government applications to an experience provider, enabling the full power of new media for they customers and for the final users.

Oculus Rift vs Google Cardboard
Oculus Rift vs Google Cardboard

The change ETT is riding involves the transformation from a pure technology company to a network of talents from different backgrounds, either internal or partners, introducing the concept of being a “Knowledge Integrator”.

Knowledge Integrator: the concept deserves a picture!
Knowledge Integrator: the concept deserves a picture!

The presentation provided by Davide Pantile, Project Manager, and by Giovanni Verreschi, CEO, depicted their history, their project and their values, with a touch of passion and pride: if you missed it you can have a look on ETT website for having an idea.

What is much more diffult to explain is the live demo part of the visit! The  professionals, entrepeneurs, managers, scientists and academics attending the tours suddenly became as a  kids, as soon as we started to be immerse in the virtual and augmented reality experiences! With many devices as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, and the simple and ingenious Google cardboard, we rode a moon rover, played to break a virtual wall, dived  as a minuature scuba in the blood stream of red cells and much more demos.

In addition to the exciting immerisive devices and the touch and touchless user interfaces the  “WISH” showcase deserves a mention. It looks like a standard transparent showcase, until the glass between you and the product takes life and become a 50″ animated touch screen screen which overtake the standard showcase and descriptive plate of any shop or old-style museum in the world!  This technology is proprietary and patented by ETT and is entirely developed in Italy.

Marcello Morchio

18th May – ETT: User Experience between People and Technology

18th of May 2015, h17:00 in Genova, free of charge
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ETT is a dynamic company full of surprises.

Headquartered in Genoa, with offices across Europe and made of a young team of people with passion for innovation, the company set itself the mission of delivering a truly engaging virtual reality user experience.

Starting from the people rather than the technology capabilities viewpoint, the team analysed over 15 years the concepts of storytelling and the human interaction, engagement and immersion process which are essential for people as they develop any “memorable” experience.


There are many stimuli in meeting with the ETT team: experiencing the latest in virtual reality and user interface is just one of them, as technology is indeed key.

But the real excitement comes from sharing their own learning experience, boasted by about three hundred installations in museums, parks, public and private exhibitions. This really adds a complete new dimension.

This time ETT tells itself!

The Visit is in conjunction with the conference OCEAN’S15 MTS/IEEE.

Oceans15 LOGO

18th of May 2015, h17:00 in Genova, free of charge
use the button below to submit for attendance to the visit with