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TalenTour at EXPO2015 with Made in Piemonte

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“Industrial Tourism is a fact with still unclear borders, thus specially interesting”. I steal the words from Riccardo Beltramo, professor of Departement of Management at University of Turin, to define in a sentence the spirit of the convention held on June the 19th at EXPO2015 by Made in Piemonte.

Il turismo d’impresa nuovo asset di turismo sostenibile: Made in Piemonte incontra le best practice europee


We met international experts of this subject, which looks very much like a border starting to be explored. There will be the need of  new storytelling and a lot of debate to  start expoliting all the power and opportunities relevant to it.

Many speakers have been on stage, to tell their experience on best practices in Italy and Europe: entrepeneurs, associations, company involved in visits,  managers of national and international networks, plus representatives of regional institutions.

I am very proud to have been invited to tell the TalenTour experience, and I come back more and more persuaded that our model is very promising, matching very well with similar ventures in Italy and Europe, but with a lot of original features,  empowering opportunities for ateendess, companies and regions.

Just to mention some of the ventues we met:

European Industrial Tourism Association

Franch Industrial Tourism portal

Made in Piemonte 

Tu Non Conosci il Sud!

A new book, “Imprese e Territori”, written and edited by  Riccardo Beltramo e Maria Beatrice Pairotti was presented during the event. It describes the research behind “Made in Piemonte” and approaches the company visit as a touristic product,

You can download the book (in italian) from this link.


After the conference, here is a taste of EXPO2015 exibition: we are going to run some TalenTour events about it!




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