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In October TalenTour organized a workshop at the Joint Open Lab (JOL) housed inside the Polytechnic in Turin.
The Joint Open Labs (JOL’s) are laboratories of research and innovation created within five Italian university centers: University of Trento, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, Polytechnic in Milan, Polytechnic in Turin, University of Catania.

The JOL’s are true interdisciplinary joint laboratories capable of generating ideas, solutions and new value on shared objectives of research and innovation in specific areas of scientific and technological interest.
The initiative created by Telecom Italian are fully based on the concepts of Open Innovation and Co-Development.

The initiative created by Telecom Italian are fully based on the concepts of Open Innovation and Co-Development.

The four JOL’s in Turin are:

  • MobiLAB (Mobile Social Applications Lab),
  • CRAB (Cloud Robotics),
  • SWARM (Beyond the Internet of Things),
  • VISIBLE (Computer Vision).

TalenTour met Mobilab, the JOL focused on mobile services aimed at the social world (social media, social reading, etc.), in order to identify potential technology partners of Telecom Italy.


The workshop was attended by:


During the introduction of the meeting Marco Marengo explained that the focus of his laboratory includes both the design and the prototyping of mobile services, i.e. the whole process of implementation of these services, from user interface design to the publication of such services on the web or on the application store.
The main topics are: social media, social reading and content curation, e-Government / Social Democracy, mobile social networks, mobile applications ergonomics, joint teaching.


Then Telecom Italia presented the project named ARTES, a platform designed to support the development of applications in Augmented Reality (AR) on mobile devices, smart phone or tablet, both in Android and in iOs environment:

Augmented Reality Vademecum 2015 v2

The AR applications which can be developed thanks to the platform ARTES are manifold.
Some of them, implemented by JOL Mobilab, were presented during the workshop: Publishing + App, Open Air Lab, Pine Cone, Tino, Expo +, Royal Villa of Monza.

The discussion among the participants was very interesting and addressed both technical and market aspects.
All the participants agreed with the fact that AR application development is continuously changing and that the big players in the world can strongly affect development policies.

It then emerged that Telecom Italy is very interested in identifying content providers and technology partners in this area to start positive collaboration with.

JOL Mobilab could be a place where ideas, research and development of prototypes outline the future.

At the end of the workshop Roberto Gerli (architect expert in virtual reality, with significant expertise in Japan and the United States) said:

“It’s not news that Telecom Italy, sponsor of Genova2021, wants to invest in Genoa and in Liguria.
The invitation is extended to all enterprises and municipalities that intend to invest in the city and to work together to define and build an infrastructure useful to add value to the huge sociocultural heritage that Genoa and Italy have.
This is a great opportunity. Augmented Reality (such as Virtual Reality) will be the next big revolution after the invention of the smart phone.
Thanks to Telecom Italy, ETT, TalenTour and Genoa in 2021 to believe in this.”

TalenTour will follow-up the activity and will organize new events at the JOL of Turin in the coming months.

Giancarlo Gaimari

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