Telerobot labs Workshop – Deploy pipelines on the seabed

Versione Italiana

Friday it was held the last event organized by TalenTour in conjunction with the conference OCEANS15, a workshop dedicated to the deploy of pipelines on seabed.

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After a brief introduction from the CEO and founder Mr. David Corsini who has underlined the great strength of Telerobot Labs, that is the creativeness and the ability to apply known technologies to the resolution of the problems of the clients, the workshop has brightly been conducted by  Mr. Gabriele Cingano who has illustrated to the participants the problems connected with the laying and the maintenance of the submarine pipelines .


At the end of the presentation the participants have been able to deepen with questions and with the visit to the shop the various thematic presented.


To worthily conclude the discovery of a genoese industrial excellence, to the participants has been offered to taste another genoese excellence: the focaccia!!!.

A big thank you to David and his staff for the time that they have devoted to us!

Luca Magnanelli

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