Giorgio Murroni, Luca Beltrametti, Paolo Filauro

UNIGE and IOT protagonists meeting around a beer!

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Economists and experts unanimously agree that the Internet of Things (IoT) will drive a new economic revolution in which technology will change the production model, the functionality of the products, the skills and the types of work required on the market.

New paradigms are emerging in all fields: home automation, manufacturing, agriculture, environmental services, energy and transport to name a few and new business models based on the knowledge of what you need where you need and when you need it.

For example the IoT will shift the approach to maintenance, no longer based on time, but the actual need of repairs, allow the user to track the performance of the machines in real time, showing immediately when management costs are crossing the limit chosen or when the critical parameters measured by sensors intelligent approach the threshold of safety.

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It is estimated (*) that by 2020 there will be 30 billion examples of IoT in use and that in the next three years there will be significant cluster of applications in all sectors.

Clearly, in this context, companies capable to adapt to the broader trend will conquer significant market shares and related cash flows.


All these interesting topics were discussed animatedly on Wednesday 10 June during the first Pint of Talent, a new format launched by TalenTour.
Luca Beltrametti (director of DIEC – University of Genoa), Giorgio Murroni (Business Development in ABO DATA – Plat.One) and Paolo Filauro (Business Development in Group FOS) met TalenTour members at the Mexican restaurant “Veracruz” in order to exchanged views and experiences on IoT, and to enjoy a typical “Cubetasso” and ethnic specialties.


The event was very successful and will be followed by special tours, organized in the autumn by TalenTour and aimed to bring out the excellence IoT in the area of Liguria.

Special thanks to Marco and Fabiana for hosting the first Pint of Talent.

Giancarlo Gaimari

Veracruz Genova

(*) Source: Study from Roger Martin-Fagg and Tom Davis

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