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TalenTour had the wonderful opportunity to attend and cooperate to the organization of the Open Day of the Genoa plant of Wärtsilä, well known international player in the field of big naval engines and energy  generation for industrial and naval purposes. The event was held on September 15th and  was one of the two special technical visits in the context of the Genoa Shipping Week. More than 50 attendees had a taste of the company excellence and of the passion and talent of the poeple powering the organization.

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The team of attendees was very heterogeneous, as per TalenTour tradition and spirit, ranging from professional of technology and design in various industry field, to students in naval and mechanical engineering, to curious citizens willing to know better what happens in the big hangars we all see just inside the port border while driving on the Sopreaelevata road.

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This was the biggest group attending a TalenTour event, managed by Wärtsilä team by splitting us in small teams, and by cleverly scheduling a quick and effective company presentation followed by a thorough tour of the workshops. In this way everybody had the opportunity of a direct contact with the workers, who have been extremely clear in explaining the various stages of operations,  and passionate and proud in showing their tasks on the parts of big engines and propellers which enter the plant from the Port of Genoa and many other ports in Italy to be reconditioned and sent back in action as good as new parts.

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The visit was so successful that the number of requests  exceeded the number of available seats, convincing us and the company of the big interest of the citizens in the Port and its activities, and demonstrating that visiting excellences as Wärtsilä is a big opportunity to improve general understanding of the naval and port business,  so crucial for Genova and Liguria.

Marcello Morchio

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